Cook County

Welcome to Cook County Department of Revenue's Payment website. To make a payment on your Cook County Home Rule Tax, please register or login.

A recent invoice number is required to register. This can be found on your printed invoices that are mailed to you from the Department of Revenue.

A valid parent account number is also required and can be found on your invoice as well. If you need assistance with these numbers, please contact the Department of Revenue.

Cook County was notified on July 24th that the Judge hearing the consolidated Non-Titled Personal Property Use Tax cases granted a preliminary injunction at that time.

While the injunction is in place, Cook County will not be accepting payments for the Non-Titled Personal Property Use Tax via our on-line payment system (PWE).

If you would like to make payments for the periods of April, May or June of 2013, please mail your returns and payments to the lockbox address printed on the return


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